Con Tempo

Con Tempo is a new comprehensively conceived project of the Society for Dance and Artistic Education.

The central idea and concept of Con Tempo builds on the previous successful activities and projects of the Society for Dance and Artistic Education – especially the Festival of Progressive Personalities of the European Dance Theatre (1994–2003), the project of the same name – Con Tempo (2003–2009), Špalíček (2009) and The Bouquet (2013).


Encounter of the contemporary dance and the contemporary music

The aim of the Dialogues is to encourage original works and co-creation in the two related artistic disciplines – amongst creative artists and outstanding performers in the field of contemporary dance and contemporary music. The project intends to support the process of their creative work by inducing deep mutual inspiration in creating of a unique artistic form, expressed in two distinct but still interconnected artistic fields – dance and music.


Duncan Institute prepares a series of debates on dance, its radiation and reflection in various spheres of human activity.

We are convinced that there are not enough of such debates, even though they would be of great benefit. Each meeting will bring an open debate on one topic. It will not be a mere lecture for the audience, but a space welcoming a variety of experiences, opinions and questions in the circle of dancers, choreographers, artists, architects, teachers and others. We will be using practical demonstrations, examples, projections, explanations, questions and searching of answers. We will record our joint debates and process their outputs for publication.

  • Dance and Space (March 2018)
  • Dance and Thinking of the Nature (June 2018)
  • Dance as a Language (November 2018)
  • Dance and Improvisation
  • Dance and Creative Process
  • Dance and Health
  • Dance and Education