Eva Blažíčková’s Duncan Studio

In our work we espouse the legacy of Isadora Duncan, the great American dance reformer, and of Jarmila Jeřábková, important Czech dancer. We follow up in the footsteps of their pioneer work and we continue to further develop their legacy in the present era, for our contemporaries, for children and adults, amateurs and professionals.

Duncan studio Evy Blažíčkové

We use the Duncan Method to cultivate our students’ balance of their physical, emotional and rational needs. We thus aim at developing their bodily intelligence and their personalities as a whole, at understanding the rules of functioning of a complete human being.

The Duncan technique of dance is based on anatomically beneficial, free-flowing natural movement that improves sensory perception and leads to the achievement of bodily intelligence. Creativity and imagination play an important role in the training and therefore improvisation classes are included. We pay close attention to musical feeling, and for this reason all lessons are accompanied by live music.

All teachers are professional dancers with teaching credentials who have studied the Duncan Method.


We consider dance to be a way of life founded on a holistic understanding of human beings.

We see education as awakening to finding one’s way to one’s own roots and resources.

We build our work on the belief that the decisive moments of human life occur in concrete and specific locations. Our studio is meant to be such a location.

Knowing that dance awakens our dulled senses, arouses the repressed ancient instincts, heals our body and mind, boosts our positive outlook, explores the deepest hidden corners of our body and soul, and has many more beneficial values, all of this leads us to believe that dance transforms the quality of life. Therefore, dance is not a practical affair to us, it is a question of values. That is what matters. What we want to provide to our students is the posession of the right tools for mastering the entire spectrum of professional dance – not ready-made solutions, no fixed forms.

We want to be a place where teachers are motivated by an irresistible urge to pass on to their students something precious, which then becomes precious to those being taught as well. Every individual sees the value differently, in their own unique way.

Our main goal is to strengthen the personality of each individual student. Because a person who is truly self-confident is not only ready to launch a professional career but is also self-reflective, solidary and sympathetic, and can in various stages of their life use their profession for the benefit of others.

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